How to Deactivate Usage of Internet Data via Main Balance

How to Deactivate Mobile Internet Service By Sending Message To 1925:-

1) First of all, Open Your Message and go to Create New Message.

2) Now Type STOP To stop Mobile Internet Service from your Main Balance. (Message cost is Free)

3) Then send this message to 1925. Now you will Receive a message from your Operator (See Screenshot below).

4) That’s it, Now You have Successfully Deactivated Internet Data Usage via Main Balance.

How to Activate Internet Data Usage via Main Balance:-

1) First of all, Type START to start Mobile Internet Service from your Main Balance (See Screenshot below).

2) And Send this to 1925 from your Mobile number and You will receive the message back from your Operator.

4) That’s it. Now you have successfully Activated Mobile Internet Service from your main balance.

How to Activate/Deactivate Mobile Internet Service By Calling at 1925:-

1) First of all open dialer and Dial 1925.

2) Make call us at & choose your option START or STOP.

3) Now activate this and you have all done.

4) That’s it now you have successfully Activate/Deactivate internet services.

TRAI Says on This Activate/Deactivate Internet Sevices:-

Telecom Regulatory Authority of  India has finally found a way to solve an issue in any number of complaint against activation and deactivation of internet services with the main balance from many users. So we had started services from which you can bar the internet services from your main balance. From 1st September users, can send a text message with the START or STOP to 1925 to start or stop the internet services from main balance. The 1925 number will be a toll-free number from TRAI and you can also call us at to deactivate this services.

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